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Project Engineering & Layout Drawings

Sigma Packaging can provide its customers with in-plant audit of existing production equipment, processes, recommendations, design engineering and detailed layout drawings. These drawings will be based on product and line performance requirements as provided by the customer. All drawings are the property of the customer.


  • On-Site plant audit and report on existing equipment and capabilities.
  • Recommendations and cost estimates for new and/or the adaptation of existing equipment.
  • Line layouts to be provided in both paper and electronic format.
  • We provide drawing copies suitable for quoting purposes by any industry equipment
     or electrical controls vendor and for general mechanical installation.
  • Layouts will indicate equipment and conveyor locations, interface points, mechanical
     and electrical requirements and assembly details.
  • Details include existing reused conveyor and equipment as described by the customer
     and on-site inventory and evaluation.
  • Consultation with any equipment, electrical or installation vendor interested in bidding
     and as directed by the customer.


  • Expedited and Efficient Results
  • Benefit of Years of Industry Experience in Engineering and layout Design
  • Freedom of In-House Staff to Focus on other Plant and Project Issues.
  • Cost Savings/Risk Reduction

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